Half Day in Sighisoara, A Colorful Transylvanian Town

Sighisoara is a little Romanian fairy tale. The vibrant colors of this cozy Transylvanian town will win over your heart. Although you could leisurely spend a day there, a half-day in Sighisoara will do just fine, especially if you’re tight on time. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the region! Also see my posts on other cities in Romania, like Bucharest, Braşov, Sibiu, y Timişoara, here!

8 Things to Do in a Half-Day in Sighisoara

#1. Stroll all the streets!

Street strolling may well be the best part of a half-day in Sighisoara. Since the town is small, you can easily cover all of it!

half-day in sighisoara
half-day in sighisoara
One of my favorite streets in Sighisoara
half-day in sighisoara
Street view of the Church on the Hill

half-day in sighisoara

 half-day in sighisoara

half-day in sighisoara
Blending in!

half-day in sighisoara

#2. Climb the Clock Tower

Climb the historic Clock Tower for great views of the town!

Half-Day in Sighisoara
The Clock Tower in Sighisoara
half-day in sighisoara
Views from the Clock Tower

#3. Snap a pic in Piaţa Cetăţii

Piaţa Cetăţii is the central plaza of town – it’s also adorable!

half-day in Sighisoara
Me in Piaţa Cetăţii

#4. Check out where Vlad Țepeș (aka Vlad the Impaler and an inspo for Dracula) was born.

Sighisoara is the birthplace of Vlad Țepeș, a Wallachian prince in the Middle Ages whose notorious cruelty partly inspired Bram Stoker’s character Dracula. Even if you’re a big Dracula fan (like me), I don’t recommend going in. The place is pretty much a tourist trap, but the street by the house is picturesque and worth a photo opp.

half-day in sighisoara
The street by Vlad’s house

#5. Walk along the citadel towers

Nine original citadel towers still stand in Sighisoara. The towers’ names – such as the Shoemakers’ Tower (Turnul Cizmarilor) and the Tailors’ Tower (Turnul Croitorilor) – come from various craft guilds that financed and defended them.

half-day in sighisoara
The impressive Turnul Cizmarilor, or the Shoemakers’ Tower
half-day in sighisoara
Turnul Cizmarilor, or the Shoemakers’ Tower, to the right
half-day in sighisoara
Views from Turnul Cizmarilor, or the Shoemakers’ Tower

#6. Eat lunch in the garden at Hotel Sighisoara 

Hotel Sighisoara, located right in the heart of town, features a pretty garden that’s great for lunch and a cold Romanian Ciuc beer!

half-day in sighisoara
Lunch in the garden at Hotel Sighisoara

#7. Ascend the Scholars’ Stairs to the Church on the Hill

The Scholars’ Stairs are a covered wooden staircase of 178 steps that lead up to a medieval Saxon church called the Church on the Hill. Beyond the church is a somber Saxon cemetery.

half-day in sighisoara
The Scholars’ Stairs

#8. Enjoy a coffee at Casa Cositorarului

Casa Cositorarului is quaint cafe, great for a pit stop, coffee, or snack. If the weather is good, sit outside; however, the inside is quite cozy as well!

half-day in sighisoara
Coffee at Casa Cositorarului

Enjoy your half-day in Sighisoara!