Why Dubrovnik is Touristy Yet Worth It

why dubrovnik is touristy

Upon seeing Dubrovnik’s walled old town for the first time on our drive in from the airport,  I was so excited. Even after seeing all the photos, no one can prepare you to witness the amazing sight of the ancient city walls and terracotta-roofed houses jutting out majestically into the sparkling Adriatic. However, my experience in Dubrovnik turned out to be bittersweet: the star of the Dalmatian coast is at once one of the most beautiful and one of the most touristy places I have ever been. In this post, I seek to explain not only why Dubrovnik is touristy, but also why it’s ultimately worth it. Continue reading “Why Dubrovnik is Touristy Yet Worth It”

What to Do in Split: Roman Ruins, Olive Oil Tasting, & More

what to do in split

I really enjoyed Split: I kinda felt like I was in Italy due to the extensive, well-preserved Roman ruins throughout the city and the architecture that is at times reminiscent of Venice. Realistically, Split can be seen in a solid day, although a second day will allow you to enjoy the city at a more leisurely pace and squeeze in a few more activities. Below are 3 suggestions for what to do in Split! Continue reading “What to Do in Split: Roman Ruins, Olive Oil Tasting, & More”

Mljet National Park: The Croatian Paradise You Need to Visit

mljet national park

Our day trip from Dubrovnik to Mljet National Park on Mljet Island was one of the highlights of my trip to Croatia. The water in this area is ideal for swimming and a stunning color, ranging in gem-like green and blue hues. Mljet National Park is well-known for its two saltwater lakes: Malo Jezero (Little Lake) and Veliko Jezero (Big Lake). My favorite part of the park was Malo Jezero: this place brought my Croatian fantasies of gorgeous natural landscapes to life. Below I breakdown details about how to get to Mljet National Park as well as what to do there. Continue reading “Mljet National Park: The Croatian Paradise You Need to Visit”

Planning a Trip to Croatia: When to Go, Where to Stay, & Other Tips

planning a trip to croatia

Croatia may be one of the most beautiful countries – if not the most beautiful country – I’ve ever visited. The waters of the Adriatic Sea are as cerulean and transparent and gorgeous as they are in the pics, and the cities and towns are the perfectly picturesque complement. The weather is great too: although summers are warm, the temperatures aren’t sweltering and the ocean breeze is quite cool and refreshing. After spending a week there this July, I’ve created a guide for planning a trip to Croatia based on my experiences, both what I enjoyed and what I’d do differently the next time around. Continue reading “Planning a Trip to Croatia: When to Go, Where to Stay, & Other Tips”